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We'll miss you, Terry!  / Susie &. Jimmy Foot (Friends & co-workers )  Read >>
We'll miss you, Terry!  / Susie &. Jimmy Foot (Friends & co-workers )
You might be reading this; and. if you are, you know how much we loved you and respected you. With all of the long hours we worked together as a team, we cannot remember any instance of tension or stress. What we do remember is the joy of working with a total professional who took our music seriously and put herself into the mix. It doesn't matter when these albums were recorded, they remain timeless because they contain the love we all shared for the work. We are also glad that you hooked up with our old friend Tim, who we knew from back in the old Wally Heider days in San Francisco. He is also a wonderful human being, and we know he misses you terribly, as we do. We'll see you again someday, somewhere. Kisses & Hugs!! Close
We'll miss you Terry!  / Simon Heselev (Student / Friend )  Read >>
We'll miss you Terry!  / Simon Heselev (Student / Friend )
It's incredible the amount of kindness that can come from one person. You had such a profound effect on all our lives. Thanks for being there for us Terry, we love you and will miss you. Close
Sweet angel,  / Adrienne Low (Former Student )  Read >>
Sweet angel,  / Adrienne Low (Former Student )
You've danced well!
I am truly blessed to have you graced my life for not only have you taught me the flow of a tracking or mixing session but also to remember that it is not that hard to make it through whatever life throws at us. That it is what we make of it that matters. Thank you for being such a lovely being, always - and I mean always, with a beautiful smile, a kind heart, tons of encouragements and a truly amazing spirit. May you light the heaven above as brightly as you have lit our lives.

Goodbye Terry...  / Charles Chemery (Friend)  Read >>
Goodbye Terry...  / Charles Chemery (Friend)
I was fortunate to work with Terry recently, on the "Sound Art Youth Speak to Tsunami Survivors CD" sessions. Along with Johnny Lee Schell, she generously donated her time and did a beautiful mix of two songs. She showed our South Central youth how a great mixing engineer works. I remember being blown away by the quality of her work. Terry was a gracious, generous, funny, loving person. She was a member of the Sound Art board of directors and helped the youth from the inner-city with her kindness and deep knowledge. Thank you Terry for your example. Not only were you an amazing sound engineer, you were an amazing person ! May you rest in peace, Charles Chemery Close
Terry... / Angel (HOspice Nurse )  Read >>
Terry... / Angel (HOspice Nurse )
I may have never met you in person, but all of these visitors to this site must know how you made our life here at VITAS hospice all the more merrier...

I am honored to have been involved in your care toward the end of your life. Although your time with us at Hospice was not long, your story came to life in our office via the comments of Dr. Stone, and April Sensui.

Thank you so much for allowing us to help you on your journey...

With love,
Angel. Close
Made it easy  / Anthony Caruso (Former Student )  Read >>
Made it easy  / Anthony Caruso (Former Student )
I had Terry during my first sememster in MP&E, and I admit I was a bit intimidated by the program. I remember her bopping her head back and forth while listening to one of my first mixes, (which I am sure sounded like a first mix!), and being really supportive and telling me everything about it she liked, some of which I had meant to do! Who knows if I would be writing this from the Record Plant in Hollywood right now had that first experience been negative. She will be missed. Anthony Caruso Close
DEAR TERRY  / Tarik Monsanto-Mahrour (former student/friend )  Read >>
DEAR TERRY  / Tarik Monsanto-Mahrour (former student/friend )
We moved to Los angeles sometime in july 2002. I was just graduating and you were moving back home. I did not know the city; You knew every part of it. As I was looking for my first gig in the industry, you called me every week to find out how I was doing, invited me to your house and introduced me to a lot of people. You are the one who got me an interview and a job offer. You are the one taking care of the others, always. For who you are and everything you have accomplished, we love you. I love you. I will always remember you. Tarik Close
A True Inspiration  / Misha Rajaratnam (Student)  Read >>
A True Inspiration  / Misha Rajaratnam (Student)
I met Terry in 1999, when she was at Berklee in Boston. I never took one of her classes, but met her in my times hanging around the studio office. She was one of those people you meet, and say to yourself...'wow..what a great person'. I quickly realised how strong of a person she is to have survived in this industry for so long, and was enthralled with her enthusiasm and love for the people around her and the music.

I was over the moon when she actually asked me to help her on one of her projects, and it was an experiance that I will never forget.
I can honestly say that she was a huge inspiration to myself, and many others. I know she will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

My thoughts and condolences go to her family and friends in this tough time.

I will miss you very much Terry.

Thank you!  / Eric Lynn (friend)  Read >>
Thank you!  / Eric Lynn (friend)
I'll never forget the moment back in 1987 when I was 15 and watching you work a session... All the engineers were very serious and they weren't exactly interested in my being there, but you turned around, smiled and winked at me and asked me if there was anything I wanted to know. Your kindness and generosity was blind and you gave the world so much with out even trying. You shined brightly and everyone you touched could feel your loving spirit. I truly feel lucky to have known you. You will be forever missed! Love, Eric Close
My dear friend Terry  / Paul Wallfisch (Friend)  Read >>
My dear friend Terry  / Paul Wallfisch (Friend)
About 12 yeas ago, I had a big fight with Terry in the studio while she was mixing a song of mine. The only thing I really remember of that now is loving her to death for caring about my music at least as much as I did! Terry basically taught me everything about getting sound on tape. But beyond that, she was a friend I could always count on for an immensely positive yet unsemintel outlook on life. She knew what was important and lived her life accordingly, making so many of her friends and collaborators better and happier people in the process. I was so happy to know that she got married this year. Tim, my thoughts are with you--you certainly don't need any of us to tell you how much she loved you. I will miss Terry's gigantic smile; her piercing, cat-like eyes; and her amazing passion and sensitivity. She was a good friend and I only with we could have seen each other more. Close
Heavy times  / Iris Perez (student)  Read >>
Heavy times  / Iris Perez (student)
I can't describe what this woman meant to me in my career and personal level. She was the first friendly face I saw in L.A. Who could ever forget that wink of hers. Always was an inspiration . . . and will continue to be. Close
You were my inspiration  / Theresa Tscheschke (Student)  Read >>
You were my inspiration  / Theresa Tscheschke (Student)
Terry, being one of very few women producers/engineers you have really inspired me throughout the start of my career. If it wasn't for you in the mp&e department, and then out here in LA, always encouraging us, even when times were rough, I don't know if I would have the courage to hang in there. You've achieved so much that I know that whenever I think its hard, your memory will remind me that I can do it too! Your smile and encouragement will always be with me. Thank you for being a mentor! Love, Theresa Tscheschke Close
thank you  / Rebecca Robinson (Student and Friend )  Read >>
thank you  / Rebecca Robinson (Student and Friend )
I remember Terry at the end of a concert in her honour, hugging everyone in sight, her smile threatening to split her face in two and exclaiming how happy she was. Terry had such an impact on the lives of all she came into contact with that she loved and was loved by all. To her students, she was more than a teacher. She was an inspiration, a mentor, and above all, a friend. We'll miss you Terry. Thank you for everything you've done Close
Thanks Terry  / Jose Gentile (Former student )  Read >>
Thanks Terry  / Jose Gentile (Former student )
I want to thank you Terry, you have given so much to us, your students, and I hope you are watching us following your advises.
It was really important for me meeting you while moving to LA, I`ve learned from every word you said, a word that always incuded love as part of living as well as love for our work.
This big THANK YOU TERRY is expressed by me and also by my wife and children.
We love you

Jose Gentile Close
We loved you Terry..  / Rob Jaczko (very close friend )  Read >>
We loved you Terry..  / Rob Jaczko (very close friend )
Some of my most fond memories of Terry were of our numerous trips we made together for Berklee. Be it New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Nashville, traveling with Terry was like traveling with royalty. The love that was shown when she entered a room was like no other person I’d ever met. I always felt proud to be your friend and colleague. I’ll miss you forever TDB. You brought so much love to our MP&E family, and raised the bar for the type of person we’ll all strive to become. God Speed darling. XO - Rob Close
Memories. / Matt Carter (Friend/Student)  Read >>
Memories. / Matt Carter (Friend/Student)
My favorite memory of Terry was in Los Angeles. She was staying at a friend's beach house, I don't remember the friend's name, but we were drinking wine and I think the sun was coming up. Terry will always be one of the most generous and thoughtful people I'll ever know. Terry, thank you for teaching me how to drive stick simply by giving me the keys to do so... Somewhere up there, I hope your smiling because I'm doing OK. I'll always love and respect you. Matt Close
Your smile still smiles its smile from somewhere...  / Alex Turkovic (Friend/Former Student )  Read >>
Your smile still smiles its smile from somewhere...  / Alex Turkovic (Friend/Former Student )
With a stern smile she said to me, "That's why I get paid the big bucks!" as she reached over and proceeded to correct the patching error I had made during the session... Terry, you were a true inspiration and blessing, not only to me but to everyone around you. You will be sorely missed. May your Spirit live on in all of us. Close
Teacher and friend  / Marty Silverstone (Student)  Read >>
Teacher and friend  / Marty Silverstone (Student)
Terry taught me so much of what I know about production, engineering and the industry in general.

More importantly, she inspired me to strive for big things in my career.

She was extremely caring and nurturing and always had really good advice to offer, particularly during my move, transitioning to life in Los Angeles.

I will really miss her.

Condolences / Gavin Lurssen (Friend)  Read >>
Condolences / Gavin Lurssen (Friend)
My sincere condolences to Terry's friends and family. Terry knew me when I entered the music industry coming out of college and supported my career ever since. She enjoyed giving me an opportunity to work on her records before I had any track record of my own. She always faced adversity with her head held high and always wished the best for everybody even in the worst of times for herself. She forged ahead as one of the first female engineers in a male dominated industry and her legacy, spirit and influence will always be felt. Close
Terry / James Saez (Friend)  Read >>
Terry / James Saez (Friend)
Terry was a friend. Not a sort-of friend. Not a sometimes friend, but a heart overflowing with light kind of friend. Every moment I spent with her I was touched by her kindness and strength. I am privileged to have her in my heart. Thank you Terry, for giving so much. Close
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