Terry Becker
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edthorne@earthlink.n-et / Edwin Thorne (Very close friend )  Read >>
edthorne@earthlink.n-et / Edwin Thorne (Very close friend )
Terry came into my life 30 or so years ago looking for a job in a recording studio. I had just started a studio in Aspen and together we learned the basics of the business. Terry became the sister that I never had. We worked closely together for several years and stayed close when we went out separate ways. She was an aunt to all my kids and during the past ten years my wife, Melanie, and Terry became very close friends. The past year has been difficult but Terry and my family have managed to have moments of great fun - in Mexico, in LA and in Santa Fe where she had one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to. I have lost a dear friend but I know that she is in a wonderful place. Terry's husband, Tim, is a truly good person and our hearts go out to him. Eddie, Melanie and Taylor Close
love you girlfriend!  / Susan Stone (hospice physician )  Read >>
love you girlfriend!  / Susan Stone (hospice physician )
from the moment I met Terry I felt that I had known her for years. she had a wonderful energy and was so giving to others. she loved her husband, family and strong network of friends. they were her priority. she had a great sense of humor in the worst of times and we had many times of laughter and of tears. I will always feel that she gave me more than I gave her. I will miss her terribly. Having been at her bedside as she took her last breaths it is comforting to know that she was in her loving husbands arms and did not suffer in pain. This was her wish. Whenever I look up at the sky and see a particulary bright star I will think of Terry. Close
Terry Diane  / Lenise Bent (friend)  Read >>
Terry Diane  / Lenise Bent (friend)
What a magnificent being...beautiful, strong, elegant, spirited. The universe smiled on me the day we met and I am so blessed to have had her in my life as such a special friend. My heart and prayers of love and comfort are with Terry's family and all the many friends and loved ones who she touched. Close
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